what the tide brought in

a multi disciplinary solo performance

i made this piece thinking about layers of identity, and how they unfold into a story that represents who i am. in a performance without spoken word,  scenarios, music, and costumes  depict the intersections of gender, sexuality, race, and social class in my identity.

the video and images shown below were shot at the international art city (cité international des arts) in paris, france.

les migratrices

a multinational artist collective (2015-2016)

i was one of the original members of this collective. we were interested in defining and redifining trends in social and political codes. our work was informed by feminist theory and queer politics and how these academic theories manifest in day to day life and more specifically in public spaces.


the format for much of our work was performance conference and site specific performance. we would often set a time to meet, take the commuter trains to the outer edges of paris and its surrounding cities and improvise exchanges with the architecture and community of our found space. these explorations were called "derives."


our adventures were documented through photographs, videos, and conversations. often times each meeting would center around a word like, "territory," "public," or "interdit." our goal was to define lexicon through performance and to use our bodies to illustrate and interrogate social conduct in public space. 

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