travail avec carolina [work with carolina] is a collaboration with dancer, choreographer, and researcher, carol vilela.

PORNOTATION is a fanzine project based in performance research. Using two systems of movement notation, laban kinetography and benesh movement notation, we illustrate scenes of erotic pleasure between vaginal anatomies and discuss the role of desire in defining and experiencing sexuality.

maintenant [now], also known as maintenant du présent, is a work rooted in the exploration of distance and absence; friendship and partnership. what began as the product of 6 months of long distance exchange between belo horizonte, brazil and paris, france currently exists as a hybrid 'now' depicting the present moment through reflections of the past.

both PORNOTATION and maintenant are works that are platforms for visual, written, and corporal collaboration.

upcoming residencies :

summer 2021_La Générale, Paris, France

PORNOTATION Draft #1_couverture