travail avec carolina [work with carolina] is a collaboration with dancer, choreographer, and researcher, carol vilela.


we have two projects that are ongoing, PORNOTATION and maintenant.

PORNOTATION is a fanzine project based in performance research. Using two systems of movement notation, laban kinetography and benesh movement notation, we illustrate scenes of erotic pleasure between women.

maintenant [now] is a work rooted in the exploration of distance and absence. after 6 months of long distance exchange between belo horizonte, brazil and paris, france, we decided to make a zine that depicted the present moment through reflections of the past few months. carol generated text, and i made illustrations as a sort of game of call and response. the result is an archive of emotions and thoughts that shape where we were in the present moment at that moment.


maintenant du présent [now of the present] is our current work using digital means to build a virtual archive of our present now. both absent from our country of rencontre, france, we are documenting our lives back home (in brazil and the united states) through text messages, videos,  and audio files 

copyright 2020 All images, videos, and ideas depicted on this website are the personal property of carisa bledsoe and collaborating parties as listed.